New Year Rant…!

Hello Everyone!

It’s a brand New Year with new pathways to a fresh start. To enjoy bliss and a good life this year, all old habits of 2017 should be jettisoned. All manner of bad vices that breathe within you should be dropped if you desire to progress with absolute peace of mind.

Embrace positive change and live your talk of godliness, your walk with God by acting like a true child of God that you profess. Let the Christian tenets which you magnify daily reflect in your attitude and relationship with others. Let humanity sing your praises by your godly trails and footprints. Jettison arrogance and let humility be your watchword. Embrace love for your fellow humans and throw that killer syndrome called hate out of your life this 2018. Be a harbinger of peace to the world. Continue reading “New Year Rant…!”