New Year Rant…!

Hello Everyone!

It’s a brand New Year with new pathways to a fresh start. To enjoy bliss and a good life this year, all old habits of 2017 should be jettisoned. All manner of bad vices that breathe within you should be dropped if you desire to progress with absolute peace of mind.

Embrace positive change and live your talk of godliness, your walk with God by acting like a true child of God that you profess. Let the Christian tenets which you magnify daily reflect in your attitude and relationship with others. Let humanity sing your praises by your godly trails and footprints. Jettison arrogance and let humility be your watchword. Embrace love for your fellow humans and throw that killer syndrome called hate out of your life this 2018. Be a harbinger of peace to the world.

Today, I bring you glad tidings that this year will bless you more than the previous years. I wish you the best of 2018 and hope to celebrate with you as you break new records of accomplishments. It is my utmost prayer that your silent good wishes be granted and that you will sing praises throughout the days of this year.

With a joyful heart for this special victory of a new dawn, I’m sending you loads of good luck. Let this new beginning signify new chapters filled with pages of successes. Let your hard work manifest with tangible rewards that will change your life’s trajectory. Let your story of excellence begin today and let your narratives change for the best.

May this year be a step forward for your best life. May this year bless your creativity and your struggles awesomely.

I wish you joy and profound peace.

Welcome to 2018.

Welcome to the best year of your life.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Conversation.



Peace and Love!

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8 thoughts on “New Year Rant…!

  1. Happy New Year.. 🙂 I wish you a great success in 2018. Thank you for this wonderful post…I noted some of the points as a part of my new year resolution……Keep writing and hope to see more inspirational writings through your posts. 🙂


  2. New Year is a time for celebration,
    of love, of life, of Friendship,
    Therefore, it is the time to thank God,
    for the wonderful friends,
    and to bring to their lives,
    as much magic as they bring to ours,
    Have a happy and a memorable holiday! Happy New Year 2018.


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