The Daily Prompt – Treat!

I wish that the world will be a better place

I wish that humanity will practise more love

I wish that hate will perish in hellfire

I wish that humans will treat one another with the utmost affection

I wish you’d treat others with respect

I wish you’d treat people without any bias and prejudices

I wish you’d treat me like you’d have me treat you

I truly wish that peace will reign supreme in today’s world

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Savings Challenge:

Start your new year with a new tradition or challenge.

I call it the jars challenge. One jar is your daily jar and one is your weekly jar. Put one dollar (use your own currency) each day in your daily jar. Your weekly jar corresponds to the week of the year.

For example, this is the first week of the year so you will put one dollar in your weekly jar. Next week two dollars, third week three dollars, etc. Of course any currency of your choice –  Euro, Danish Kroners, whatever! Continue reading “Savings Challenge:”

Because It’s A New Year!

In this new year, it is pertinent to look at the past year (s) goals and assess the areas we did not record any appreciable level of success, while there is the need to adopt new measures to tackle them this year.

I welcome everyone to 2018 and hope we’d tell our unique stories and make a good success from it.

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