How Did We Get Here?

I am standing by the window with my cup of Earl Grey Tea sitting across the room. It has become a daily ritual, even as I multitask. My mind is meandering, moving from one corner of the world to another.
My whole body cringed as I wandered into the scene of the violent uproar in my motherland. The gory images and the excruciating sobs from wounded souls weakened my nerves. The sight of gruesomely mangled human bodies littered around. Blood splattered everywhere. And a tear trickled down my brow. Innocent souls bathed with agony as they travel the arduous road of death. Ah, Lawd. who did this to my people? Who unleashed these demons that feed on human blood? The scale and magnitude of terror that riddles the world is heart-wrenching. This insidious erosion of humanity tugged at my core.

And as I gaze through the window, behold a beautiful panorama stretched out before me. Such a beautiful landscape. The world is beautiful indeed. So beautiful despite the challenges and the murky darkness that surrounds it. As I ambled along the yellow rasp field casting a deeper glance into the horizon, everything looked so perfect, so peaceful from a distance. Nothing betrayed the brutality of the monstrous tyranny that threatens the free world.
But as I took yet another sip from my white tea-cup, I pondered on the total decadence across the globe. I pondered on the inconsolable cries of the poor citizens, under a government that has demonstrated a disgusting level of nonchalance to the hardship of a people. I pondered on the resounding cry of emancipation from the cruelties in the world. I pondered on myself, and the travails in our today’s world. And I anchored my gaze on the atrocities of a corrupt leadership and their torturous grip on the defenceless masses. Oh, how the common man bears the brute of these incompetent and mindless leaders. Oh, how the value of human life has reduced so drastically. And I hear echoes of Run, Run, there is a huge fire on the mountain.
This wildfire is spreading fast. This fierce fire must be quenched. But who will be the Fire-Man? Who will put out this intense heat that is ravaging the world? Where do we run to for succour?
My heart is heavily laden and overwhelmed by this innumerable violent eruptions. And the maladministration. I concluded thus: that the dirty details of life seem almost invisible and even non-existent from afar. Yet, somewhere out there are the unending yearnings for freedom from an oppressive society.
I am still wondering how everything seems perfect. While the world is engulfed in deep seethed bitterness that triggers off violence, and the brutal massacres of innocent souls.
I could barely hear the noise of this amplified animosity, this expanding hatred that is festering among humans. And that is only because I am right here, inside, which appears cosy. I am right here, inside, which exudes warmth. I am right here inside where the value of human life is intrinsic.
But sadly the outside world is filled with untold hardships. Littered with fiery demons. Angry lions parading in human forms, searching for naive and easy preys to devour. Sadistic humans looking for who to bludgeon to death and who to stab next.
The world is beautiful indeed but perforated with varying seeds of discords; evil manipulations, and deep-rooted animosity perpetrated by a faction of adherents whose chants of halleluiah reverberates daily in thunderous explosions.
The world is sick and in acute pain. This wicked world is in dire need of a drastic surgery to expunge these cankerous seeds of bile and hatred.
These encountering moments created a mixture of emotions within me. Drained of my bubbling energy, I reluctantly reached out for my white tea-cup and drank the last drop of lemon Tea.

PS: This post has been modified. There is an ongoing massacre of innocent citizens by troops believed to have the complicity of the government in their barbaric acts.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

20 thoughts on “How Did We Get Here?

    1. Nigeria is sinking and in a deep low at the moment. From fuel crises to the recent Benue killings and many more. I see no respite in sight. I only hope that the people will vote in a new government at the next elections. Perhaps the new Government will provide soothing answers to these questions.


  1. You’ve really opened up here. I like your way of thinking a reasoning. You and me both seek peace, maybe in different forms, but all in benefit of humanity. Great post Sergeant Stella. I loved reading this. By the way, spacing is fine. A block of text is too much. Spacing gives us pauses in reading. 😀

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  2. For me, there are more questions than answers. I enjoyed your post very much. It’s sad that money talks, like the pounding of drums, ousting the cries of the victims and those that would stand tall and stop the insanity.

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  3. Much starts at the individual level- approaching others with a love that is rooted in self-love and confidence. It can get bowled over, very easily, by the forces of tribalism and sectarianism, but know how powerful you are as a being. Keep on with what you are doing. Wait them out, vote, be as good a neighbour as you can be, without sacrificing your principles. I am speaking as an American, in the “Age of Trump”, but it can apply just as easily to any other country that is overrun by goons.


  4. As a political writer, I have read this piece several times. Indeed a world that gave us mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, also gave us Hitler, and other despicable leaders; it’s also a world with beautiful flowers and unimaginable beauty. Thank you Stella.

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