It’s Not By Mere Words…!

It’s Not By Mere Words.

It’s not by how many times you gather to take a selfie together. It’s not by how many times you’ve hung out together during the girls night out. Or Boys night out. No. It’s not by claiming and singing it to the whole world that He/She is my friend. No. It’s not by daily professing love to them on Facebook by using endearing names and chants that determines how strong you both are. No.

It’s not by your Facebook utterances, sweet renditions of –  “Sweet Mummy. My bae. My darling babe. Sweetheart. Darling. Big Daddy. My sister for life.” No. Mba.

It’s Not By Mere Words.

It’s by your deeds and actions. By what you do when the other is not looking. 

True friendship is love. And you must love in full measure for there is no half measure to true and honest relationships.  If I call you my friend, it means I love you. And I mean I love you truly. It means that I will be with you in good times and bad times. It means I will give of me from the abundance of my heart. If I call you friend, it means I will never betray you. I will not expose you to ridicule. It means I will be there for you. It means standing by the other in moments of acute pain and help to ease their pain. It means being compassionate and empathetic to their sufferings. It means sharing good and bad together.

Suffice it to say that I will truly show my love by caring for you in my own little way. Care here, doesn’t mean financial giving only. That too matter. But I will give my time, offer my listening ears when you need to ease off a burden and talk to someone.  Standing by you during your happy and difficult moments. Because I am a friend for all times. A friend for all seasons.

As friends, in winter time, we’d brace the cold together and snuggle with our steaming cups of tea as we laugh into the dark night. In spring and summertime, our friendship will blossom as we spend quality time together creating memorable beautiful moments. And during the Autumn/Fall, we’d brainstorm together to know how far we’ve faired in life and what’s next in line. It means we’d stay close to each other by staying connected through viable communications. It means being crazily in love without any sexual connections.

Life has not played out to be all sugar and honey for me or anyone else. It has not been all rosy and beautiful. Not at all.  I’ve had a fair dosage of bad times. Moments when I felt like giving up on life itself. Periods when I drown myself in a pool of tears. Times, when I’ve been heartbroken over failed relationships. There have been those moments of excruciating pain, emptiness and sorrow and sadness and intense solitude. Moments when all hope seemed lost and nothing else matters.

And there have been some people who were there for me during those moments. There has been a friend, no two friends, no they are three, no four, no they are five of them, No they are six of them. No, there are quite a good number of honest and true friends that have been friends for all the seasons. They’ve stood by me showing me love and care in their own peculiar ways.

These are Friends, who’d call you up just so to hear your voice and know you are ok. Friends, who open the doors of their homes for you at any time of the day you knock. Those friends who love you and don’t just utter it for the whole world to read on Facebook but also, back it up with actions. Those friends who make sacrifices to put a smile on your face.

Today, I remember all my friends who have continued to hold on the mace of friendship. Those friends who know the meaning of love in friendships. Those people who believe in the sceptre of love. Who despite the distance between us, has continued to create time for communications. Who despite their tight schedules still manage to check on their friends. Those friends. Those people. Those alliances. If you’ve got any of them, if you have them in your life, biko, hold tightly to them. Because they are the real MVPs.

Shouldn’t I feel lucky to have such wonderful friends? That’s real love and I love them back sincerely.

It’s Not By Mere Words.

It’s by your deeds and actions. By what you do when the other is not looking. By the sincere love you show to your friends and the efforts you put into your relationships. It’s by proving to them that you are an all-weather friend and not a fair-weather friend. 


Peace and Love!

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