That Sliver Of Hope…!

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My story. My life experiences. The things I’ve gone through because I helped them. Those friends. Those relatives. Those people. They taught me some hard life lessons. They became ungrateful. They became toxic. They turned against me. Stabbed me in the back. I lost my confidence in humanity and the negative energy emanating from all angles almost drained my enthusiasm for life.

My Youthful exuberances. My poor decisions and choices. My inability to discern rightly.  My failed relationships – The betrayals. The rejections. The hurt and pain. The jab from people. The mockery. Those moments when I became an emotional volcano erupting at the slightest provocation. Those periods overwhelmed me with negative energy. They almost sent me to an early grave, literally. My zest for life was deflated. That moment when I felt stuck in a rut as I became my worst critic.

The moment of change came. That sliver of hope appeared and I saw the silver lining in the colours of the rainbow.  I wore my positive armour back and started another journey of self-discovery. I reversed the negative energy when I realised that happiness comes from within. I elevate my energy vibration as I deliberately embraced love, happiness and positive thinking.

Today is a huge testimony. I’ve charted a new path to navigate in life. To stay above the weather and stoke my own happiness. I understand that victory is assured when we know that we are more than our problems. When we stand up and take charge of our lives instead of wallowing in self-pity. When we say that enough is enough and march towards freedom.

My story. My life experiences.


Peace and Love!

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14 thoughts on “That Sliver Of Hope…!

      1. Yes…and then you realize after a time how much better and stronger a person you’ve become because of those breaks and ups and downs. You too have a wonderful week and wishing you a year filled with happiness and peace!

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