The Daily Prompt – Undulate!

DSC_0335 (3).JPG


I watched the rhythmic wavy dance of the lake

The undulating wave rolled back and forth in a non-violent splash

for a moment I was lost in the charming presence of the cold air

As I enjoyed the chilly soothing caress of the gentle wind



Submitted to the Daily Prompt    Undulate.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Undulate!

  1. now, see? THAT is what my brain should have thought when the daily post popped up with “undulate”…but NOOOOOOOOOO, all I can think of is a belly dancer! I am seriously sick! lol

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    1. Thanks. Always a beautiful experience. 👌Can’t wait for the summer when I enjoy my visits to the beach side. Its a great feeling to spend time watching and listening to the waves. ❤


  2. Student
    I sat on the beach
    The night wind started the lecture
    the waves in chorus
    The ascending moon
    veiled in mists
    Explained many things
    The sand undulated in
    the silvery liquid light
    Sensual and unashamed
    The ghost shadow grasses danced
    like heartbeats
    in the sand

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  3. Music Box Gypsy
    A tiny gypsy turning under a sky
    of many colors, a sky of mind
    filled with a bronze sun, gleaming.
    Above and beyond all music
    all silence, in a place, azure and white
    moving in a dance of light on water.
    Trailing streamers, silver and wisps of white,
    turning in, around, over and through
    undulating like reeds in the current.
    At the center of her movement,
    an allusion, a horizon,
    a vector she points to but never touches
    a place, a shadow realm
    that she can see with her hands and feet
    A place I can only touch on the edge of sleep,
    the room I pass through
    before I fall soundlessly into the sky
    where, perchance, I dream her delicately turning
    above a mother of pearl box,
    quietly singing the music the stars
    alive in the ebon velvet of a midnight sky.

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