A Weekend Rant…!

The weekend is here again. And life goes on so rapidly.
It’s a new day and then a new day becomes an old day and then move on to the next day. And the next day moves quickly and the months roll by and then before you scream and yell, 365 days have elapsed and the whole circle continues until the grim reaper appears at the door.
If you are lucky you keep moving on as the pages of life turn every day.

Let me yarn you some tales about me. My rants. My life.
I tried to write a while ago. Yes, to write some really cool stuff.
I started to write, then I started to doze. I got up made some good coffee
Then I started to feel like munching something.
I opened the fridge and found some bits and pieces of food to chew. No, not what I like to snack on.
Then I found some nuts. Cashew nuts. ground-nuts. Pistachio nuts. Nuts. I mean all kinds of Nuts.
Love them nuts so I munched away.
I wrote a few lines. Got up again.
I found my jacket. My boot. My hand gloves. And my scarf.
I wore them to mock the freezing cold and I felt bloated. But I had no choice else the cold will make a mockery of my life.
So, l walked out of the house listening to some cool music.
Outside, the temperature was harsh and wicked. I mean bitterly cold.
Life was freezing away.
The streets were covered in fog. And visibility was poor. But I moved on, unperturbed.
My heart was beating fast as I took one step and then another step and then another.
But one thing was clear in the foggy weather
I could hear an unspeakable peace. Tranquil and serenity
It was all so encompassing.
My heart was joyous as I sent out a flicker of smile to the Universe
To Mother Nature. To the trees that were obviously naked and bruised by the harsh climate.
True, there is something so overwhelming. In the cold. In the damn freezing cold.
This moment is all there is to see in life.
This moment. These encompassing breaths.
These hurried steps in the cold peaceful atmosphere
I looked up to the limitless sky as if I was searching for a answer
But the Sky was all grey, wispy and pale. So I moved on
Everywhere was quiet but my breath. My steps. My life. My thoughts.
As the city breathes peace and tranquil
I paused in my strides. I took a deep breath.
Turned around but not a shadow in sight. Peaceful ambience. Oh wow!
Everywhere ‘ju ezigbo oyi’ but I paced on.
My heart was joyous
The moments I spend with myself. Those solitary moments I befriend myself
With the beautiful vastness of this earth
Cherished. Heartwarming. So very profound.
I made a detour
I crossed to the other side. Guided by flashes of thoughts that struggle within me.
What’s going to happen this new year? How will it end?
It’s time to grace some warmth again. To work with the clock.
It’s  time to inhale new springboards and embrace new frontiers.
It’s time to face the enormous task ahead.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “A Weekend Rant…!

  1. Yes, living in a northern maritime area involves lots of fog and cold mist. I grew up in the vicinity of Boston, US and had much experience shoveling snow and cleaning off our family car. Fog and mist were more likely in the spring or autumn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are just too kind. I appreciate your presence cos it’s filled with positivity. Many thanks for visiting. Enjoy a blessed week. And Weather is still same but I’m leeping warm to fight it. 😃😃❤

      Liked by 1 person

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