Do You Understand This?

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What do you think of the above?

Kindly help to throw more light on this meme to make it clearer to me. 

Thank you as you share your views in the comment session. 


Peace and Love!

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34 thoughts on “Do You Understand This?

  1. I think it refers to writers who write for the sake of writing and others that write because they need to express, ergo the pain gives them motivation. 😀 Maybe I am wrong, but this is what seems logical to me. 😀

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  2. The stories written in pain are those that you can’t NOT write..the ones that consume your soul until pen is put to paper. The words flow with ease, sentence upon sentence simply exploding onto paper…and when complete a feeling of utter peace and accomplishment flow through you.

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    1. Great analogy and descriptions. I love to learn more and you just clarified this post logically for me. Many thanks Dear Suze. Have an amazing weekend. Hugs from cold cold Denmark. 🇩🇰🇩🇰❤😍


  3. The pen is mightier
    than the sword.
    The ink of the scholar
    greater than
    the blood of the martyr.
    Expressions near and far
    from beyond to the here after.
    With blood, sweat, and tears…
    hope, faith, and love,
    we are reflections of the Creator.

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  4. I believe that many of us write in pain at some point or another. It depends on how we accept or understand our pain. Many great posts wrote in pain. Those are the poems or stories that we easily relate to and that we recognize or know well. However, the statement offers some balance.

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