Don’t Resist Change…!

Change according to the old cliché is the only constant thing in life. Change is distinct. Change occurs in our daily lives and most times, cannot be seen except one take a close and deeper look. Change must occur if we desire to move forward otherwise, one will become obsolete, redundant and complacent. Change is ephemeral. Change is normal. Change is progressive and it’s what makes everyday life different and interesting.

In My View:

I will start from the very break of dawn where we experience change even as we wake up. From the moment we see a new day, we have evolved. It may not be noticed but something in us has changed. Some change does not have a very visible effect. You can hardly notice them but the truth is that change has occurred even as we slept. Perhaps, I should illustrate this point with a new-born baby who changes every day and this change is easily noticed by parents and the people around.

When you see a day old baby and see that baby a month after, you would observe some considerable changes. So even as adults, we go through a form of change or the other as we wake up. We get older every day. We grow taller, we grow wiser, we grow fatter, and we become happier or sadder.  We set new goals, achieve new results, get new opportunities or are faced with new challenges. We fall in love or fall out of love. We get married, get divorced, we fail, we succeed. We transit. We transform. People, who lived yesterday, died today.

The Positive Change:

As change occurs, it takes us through a different phase of life that could have positive or negative effects on us. Positive change is always something to be happy about. When a change occurs to promote us in different facets of life, we acknowledge and welcome such change. When we make decisions and the result is positive, it gladdens the soul. When we take actions that are productive and successful, it gives an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and achievement. A job well done deserves a pat on the back, right?

Negative Change:

However, some change could turn out bad. Thus, affect us physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially as the case may be. Negative change can cause negative behaviours, harm to a person; restlessness, sadness, hopelessness and even depression.  When we do things and they don’t turn out as expected, it takes us through the journey of self-criticism on what might have gone wrong. We become sometimes judgemental. When this change occurs, we find ourselves shifting blames, buck-passing, feeling low and depressed in extreme cases.

My Case:

When I decided it was time to migrate to a new country, I knew it was time to change from living in my comfort zone, leaving my family, friends, and loved ones to moving to a new place to begin afresh. It means I was going to start doing things differently. It means I was going to see things from a new cultural perspective, perhaps, learn even a new language.

The effect of this is that you come face to face with a new reality. A new social construct. It becomes a totally new Life. And you begin to make conscious efforts to understand the new rules in your new abode. Accepting and adapting to the new status quo can be daunting.

Therefore, I urge you today, don’t stay static and bemoan your fate. Unplug the ‘red’ button that stops you and change the dial. Change your position. Change your mode. Deactive redundancy and stagnation and activate your functional buttons to green. Now, get up. Get started and move your life to stardom.

Change occurs in our lives because life is never stagnant.  Live evolves and keeps moving until the very end. Embrace change in whatever package it comes to you and adapt to the new responsibilities it brings your way.


PS: This post was first published here in 2016. Modified today.

I think it’s relevant today especially in this New Year. In case you need to make some crucial decisions that will bring about change in your life, don’t resist it. It may just be what you need to reach your goals.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Static.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Resist Change…!

  1. Change as you say, I think it just comes at you, just life. You don’t even have to move from your own house, there will allways be things that will shift here and there and either you adapt or you don’t and in my experience as a human, i have found that most other humans like me, not exactly like me since I’m “special” will eventually adapt to new changes, and if they don’t they sink in the dark waters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how you buttressed this point about change. And yes, I agree that you are special and unique because you’ve just shared a great feedback that is so different. 🙂 Many thanks for coming on board too. I appreciate. Have a great Sunday. 🙂


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