Stop The Excuses!

One of my best moments of the day is when I settle down to surf the internet. It’s a daily routine I enjoy. My companion for this daily act is always my favourite cup of tea. It keeps me warm, especially now when the cold is gathering momentum, making me reach for warmth wrapped tightly in woollen clothes.

I tell you, the thoughts of stepping outside at this time sends cold shivers all over me. It’s no longer news that I dread this harsh winter. However, it has become a necessary evil to live with so I should just learn to love it or pretend to love it, at least. But I do love the fact that it forces me to stay indoors, to hibernate and connect with my home and inner self. I guess I should stop this nagging or whining, right? Haha! Ok let’s proceed with the gist.

Yesterday, while observing this ritual of connecting with the world, I found something that sent an overwhelming spasm of excitement all over me. I saw a video that inspired me, and as I inhaled the spicy content, I exhaled the pungent air of failure.

The protagonist in this story was blind from birth, but being blind physically did not hinder him from believing in his inner being. He saw a world full of opportunities. He visualized what he wanted out of life and strived hard despite varying challenges posed by his physical disability. He braced up for the odds, surmounted the difficulties and carved a niche for himself.

To me, he is a good example that the circumstances of birth should never pose a threat to anyone’s success. I felt so challenged that I sat down and started to type this reflection. Indeed, Cobhams is such an inspiration for rising against adversity.

*Hope you’d enjoy the video below, courtesy of Youtube:*

My Conclusion:

‘Seeing’, I realized, goes beyond sight and even insight. It has a way of breaking beyond a person’s visual capacity which enables them to take necessary steps to change what they are seeing.

Is it of any use to notice that your hair is untidy in the mirror and all you do is to talk about it?

You will agree with me that combing the hair is the most logical thing to do. ‘Seeing’, in this context, will become unproductive if there is no follow-up action on the information received.

Sadly, most people use different excuses as an alibi for not achieving their goals.

“When I grow up, I will become this or that.”

Hello, the last time I checked, you had grown up, and now have become older with every second you have spent reading this write-up. The answer is the same every day:

“I will start tomorrow.”

Hello again, we know that tomorrow never comes.

“My parents are poor, we have no money.”

There the beat goes again and the rambling continues.

My resolution henceforth is that I will see opportunities and will not be discouraged by their appearances, or whatever they are shrouded in.

Now, take a stance to nurture your dreams and don’t give up to any challenges that loom large at your sight. To achieve these dreams, employ a different strategy if you tried and didn’t make any headway.

One can choose to rise above adversity or make excuses for the rest of their lives. Live your best life now while you still can.

No excuses make sense anymore. No. So stop giving them!


PS: Repost from 2016. 


Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “Stop The Excuses!

  1. Aaand nobody wanted to leave a comment of appreciation for this wonderful post and quality opinion you’ve shared with us. I wonder why?

    Really great post Sergeant Stella. I see you started doing this inspirational and insightful post more often. Is there a particular reason for it, or is this you just felt in needs to be said?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This blog is about inspiration and motivation. A reason most of my posts have that undertone. I am very active on Facebook and my Facebook audience are quite different from WP. So to save both time and energy, I opted to doing same post for the platforms. After all everyone needs inspiration at some point. Thanks for asking.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You can say that again. And that’s explicit. He is a great inspiration in the entertainment industry. Seasoned and accomplished, all because he rose above his physical condition. 😃😃


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