The Month of February!

February is the shortest month of the year. It has less than 30 days. It is perceived to be the most unusual month too. Come to think of it, February is the month with the distinct date (29th), which makes the year a leap year every four years.

And we all know it is the month of love. I mean with a day (14th) set aside to express and show love, not just to those we have intimate relationships with but to those people who make our lives complete. So now you know what makes this month very special.

Welcome to the Valentine month!

Welcome to the most romantic month of the year, so to speak. 
Go ahead and show some acts of love.

Love can be expressed in different ways and shapes. There are different kinds of love that you can extend to other people. Love doesn’t always have to be sexual or intimate. No. Show agape love to the common man on the streets. Be kind to humanity. Begin with your immediate surroundings, your household and then jump out there to others around you. And to even strangers, you meet at the elevator. Oh yes, and to the poor and needy amongst us.

You may not approve of what people do and they may not even like you, nonetheless, walking in love should be a lifestyle. Keep practising this act of love until you get used to it if you’ve not already inculcated that into your daily routine.

“I love you and mean it.” 

This works well when it starts with I and you, not the other person.

I’d encourage you to continue sowing seeds of love. Spread happiness all around you. If you don’t reap the fruits now, the world will. Even if no one remembers those simple acts of love you express, God, the Unconditional Lover, will. And that counts for you in the long run.

You know how it is when you make people happy. Any act of goodwill done for pure and positive motivation will fill you with happiness and joy. And the magical effect of this to the other person is that it ushers in sweet feelings that bring about healing to their soul if they are going through any unpleasant or painful situations.

One particular thing about February which I’ve observed too is that it adorns a beautiful colour just like the month of December. You know why? The colour RED is the theme for both months. And Red makes a powerful statement in our environment during these two months – December (Christmas) and February (Valentine).

The shops are already celebrating love as the colour red punctuates the interiors. Yes, gifts and packages and all other valentine ensembles are adorned with reddish splatters all over. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with this spasm of excitement with the riots of red colours in the shopping malls? They are beautiful and alluring. I can tell you that for sure.

With this month of love in view, ensure you fill your everyday interactions with other people with love.

And this is the perfect moment to start.

We have different kinds of love in this world, and we all deserve to have a share of this wonderful feeling of love.

‘Cos no one should live without love.

But most importantly, never forget to love yourself for that is the number one rule in this game of LOVE.

Wishing everyone a fabulous month of February! 

Peace and Love!

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