Mother’s Day – Three Dates!

In Nigeria, Mother’s day is elaborately celebrated by the Catholic Church. It’s always a big day for my mother then. However, while in Nigeria, I never bought my Mum any gifts to honour her on this special day.

This ideology shifted upon arrival in Europe. I became confused about the different dates. In the first few years abroad, I forgot about the Catholic date. I always called my Mum in May when the Danes celebrate Mother’s Day, only to be disappointed that it’s been celebrated before the Easter. So, yesterday I got to know about Today’s Mother’s Day through a friend’s post here on FB.

By this morning, Mother’s Day messages were rolling over themselves on my newsfeed as most people lovingly wrote glowing tributes to their mothers. I quickly reminded my other siblings here in Europe to call our Mum today.

This Afternoon, I picked up the phone, expecting to sing a cool song for my Mother.

Me: Hello, Hellooooo… Mama. How are you?

Mum: I am fine. Stella my daughter…

Me: Yes Mama. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mum: Eh, Mother Day? Obu nakwatata. Ewo Stella Nwam! (No. It’s not today)

Me: Hmmmn. Really? Ok, Mama.

Me: Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day in case I forget to call you during your own celebration.

Mum: Laughs softly… Noo. Try to call me on our Mother’s Day o!

Me: laughs too… Chei. Okay Ma. God help me to remember that date.

Mum: Giggles and said some inaudible words.

Oh wow! It’s quite confusing with the three different dates for this occasion.

However, it’s interesting to note that this event is marked in the United Kingdom in March, just before the Easter celebrations as we have it today.

While the United States, Denmark, and some other nations around the globe celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday in May, which comes up on May 13th this year.

The Catholic calendar is also different but before Easter too.

Though Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates, a remarkable thing about it is that it’s an opportunity to lavish praises on mothers for their explicit role in humanity.

It has also become a special day for children to honour their mothers with flowers and other special gifts and presents.

Isn’t it wonderful that the “Ministry of Motherhood” is a brave institution mostly motivated by an unwavering unconditional love? What a sweet feeling it elicits in mothers?

To all the good MOTHERS out there:

Happy Mother’s Day. 


PS: I posted it on my Facebook and wanted to share it here too.


Peace and Love!

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11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Three Dates!

  1. Beautiful and omg so confusing fir you and your siblings. Celebrate all 3, it still falls short, because the ministry of mothers is something special they have a something in them a stoicism that makes tgem go on even when knocked down.. towards the bottom if my international women day i wrote a piece , on women but the inspiration was/is my mother’s life.

    Beautiful piece and good luck remembering going forward. I think gifts are not worth anything our parents should know they can have pur support and love on tap. Last week i said to mum, it is mothers day next as my way of asking what would u like to do. She said to me it is mothers day everyday and that was a compliment to me. My heated melted. Mum and i live together and since all the heart attacks she has had life is upside down.. but still she smiles and i di my best every day to make her giggle, but sometimes i fail. Sorry over shared

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    1. I loved that you shared your thoughts. It’s awesome so no worries. ❤

      Yeah, Mothers should be celebrated everyday but special dates as we have it give the occasion an extra spark with the special recognitions and gifts.

      The confusion is because there is no definite date and the May date comes to mind. That’s when Denmark celebrates Mothers Day.

      Warm greetings to your Mum. Blessings to you all. ❤❤🌷❤

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