Great Minds Think Alike…!

“Birds of a feather flock together” seems a cliché but it’s quite spot on too.

Successful people who aim for outstanding contributions to humanity never squander their time away. And they never wander aimlessly without clarity of purpose. Those people, who know where they are going, and those who are living intentionally, will not sit down and continue to waste precious time or hang out with those who have little or no ambition. They don’t mingle with those who are aimless. Nope. There is the need for them to find their kind to enable them to flourish better. 

Again the maxim that “Great minds think alike” is another fundamental principle. The enthusiastic visionaries, the intellectuals, the quintessential persons, the goal-getters, will certainly not continue to engage, or fellowship or be around small minded people. This place is a dangerous abode especially when you want more out of life. No one gets anywhere meaningful if they continue to hibernate in a place of absolute lack. This is a dormant place of no significance that can actually slow down progress tremendously.

Spending enormous time in the company of people without any meaningful goals can literally drag you into accepting mediocrity; it can kill your visions as you begin to diminish in knowledge. This place is infertile ground and douses your enthusiasm for life. It is a heinous crime to your future plans as you rob yourself of an exponential growth. It is important to know when to extricate yourself from such unholy ties. It is critical to know when to disentangle yourself from knotty situations. Know when to move away from distractions, know when to shut out the noises to enable you to take rapid steps in the direction of your calling.

Not everyone should follow you as you climb up the ladder of success. You have to dissociate with some people to make appreciable progress else the weight of carrying those people will usurp your vision. And you don’t want anything to encroach on your journey to the top. You don’t want anything to extinguish your light even before it begins to shine brightly.

Some people are meant to be dropped because they will become an overload for your journey. They literally become obstacles on your path and a straight journey becomes a rollercoaster crossroad, exhaustive with long delays before you arrive at your destination. Likewise, some habits must be jettisoned if you must attain a reputable height in life.

Learn the signs of derailments and cut off seeming obstructions so you don’t divert your focus from your goals. You may have to move alone on your journey as you seek excellence. And this is not about belittling people, rather when you are focused on your given purpose; there is the need to walk away from people who might hinder your progress.

Thus, I close this enumeration with my decision this year to cut off from people, groups, and associations that do not add value to my life. Call it a decluttering exercise and you’d be right. I needed to organise and prioritise my commitments for 2018. Of course, my life is more simplified now as I eliminate those extraneous things blurring my mindset.

To truly become what you seek in life, you must rally around those who believe in your goals. You must follow the path of the visionaries before you. You must seek intellectual expertise and romance those who would mentor you to excellence. Seek these extraordinary people out and glean knowledge from their wealth of experiences.

I hope you grasp the intent of this post that we do better when we are surrounded by like minds. Thank you for reading.


Submitted to the Daily Post – Grasp.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Great Minds Think Alike…!

  1. An iron would always sharpen an iron. While the surface a particular water would always call for other bodies PD water! Great job!


  2. An iron would always sharpen an iron. While the surface of a particular water would always call for other bodies of water! Great job!


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