The Daily Prompt – Inefficient

There is the need to embrace change if anyone desires to work maximally in today’s world.

There is the need to accept the changes that stare one in the face daily in an evolving world.

Chances are that you will remain inefficient with modernity if you decline to take a ride on the new millennial train.  And I believe you don’t want to be that person who cannot work optimally. You don’t want to remain static, redundant and unproductive in a fast-changing world.

As long as you desire growth in any aspect of your life, you must be willing to learn new skill sets that will enhance your life’s journey.

You need to arm yourself with the technical know-how in a world where technology and digital capacity is pivotal for growth and efficiency in the work-place.

When you equip yourself with the right competencies, the right qualifications, the right attitude and gain mastery of the game, you are chasing inefficiency out of the window.

In essence, to stay relevant, to remain useful, one must rebuild oneself. And to become successful in life, one must continuously strive for growth and personal development.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Inefficient.


Peace and Love!

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