Change Is Ever Constant!

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Some life changes look negative and painful on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new and beautiful to emerge.

Feeling stuck is a FEELING, not a fact. So never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are. Life changes every second, and so can you.

If you are feeling stuck, you aren’t really stuck. You are only spending your time, energy and other resources wrong.

There is nothing else. It’s more than obvious that doing the same things and expecting a different result is crazy. It’s actually the official definition of craziness.

The plausible thing to do if caught up in this quagmire is to turn things around by changing your stance and position. And it shouldn’t take you forever to make that change.


Peace and Love!

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8 thoughts on “Change Is Ever Constant!

  1. I agree with you that the only constant thing in life is Change. Thence, we should have it at heart whenever we are passing through any dicey situation that things ate going to actually change for good and better.

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