The Daily Prompt – Explore!

I always remind myself that there is no better education than travelling. My reason is not far-fetched. It’s borne out of the experiences I’ve garnered from my vast travels.

Travelling gives you a world of boundless possibilities and almost zero limitations. Consider the world as a book and each country as a page. And consider yourself confined only in the comfort of your town or city where you are born and you never travelled out to see other cultures and societies. It means that you end up reading only one page of that book if you fail to explore the world.

And “those who do not travel only read one page of a book.”

Travelling is a good lifestyle to adopt as you acquire more knowledge and wisdom through interactions with others from different races. When all is done, I want to feed off the memories of those experiences with a beautiful smile on my face. And eventually, I can document the entire travel adventure into wonderful memoirs in the future.

I know that travelling is financially exhaustive but I always encourage those around me to forget the huge cash involvement but plan to explore the world. If all you did on this earth was to live and die in your small city and country, then you never truly explored and enjoyed the riches of the earth.

For me, I enjoy the sights of beautiful clouds during international flights. I love to sit by the window and just relish the views and movements of the fluffy clouds and the entire skyscapes. It showcases the wonders of nature. Always so captivating!

The beauty of well-planned cities, lights, oceans, beautiful natural reserves are beyond what one can truly pen down in words. Sometimes, the feeling is indescribable. Talk about the distinguished different cultures, peoples and languages all inside one beautiful world.

The earth is unarguably a beautiful masterpiece. We must all explore, visit and enjoy different landscapes and sceneries.  We must live and travel to see great iconic edifices and structures scattered all over the universe. We must open our hearts to learning about other peoples who are of different backgrounds and pedigrees.

Exposure from travels transforms from the inside to the outside as you begin to see the world in a different perspective.

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Explore.

Peace and Love!

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5 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Explore!

  1. I do travel a lot too but am aware that there are other views, other ways to travel.
    A story I love is from a walk up on the beautiful Yorkshire Moors. I met a farmer and we stood talking whilst looking out around us. He asked where I came from and my travels.
    I then asked him where he goes for his holidays.
    ” He spread his arms wide and said: I have it all here – every day. Where would be better”. 😊 . You see, he saw all the shimmering lights,the changes, the weaving birds….
    Mind you, I still travel.

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