When Enough Is Enough!

Life shows up with situations that throw us off the happiness radar.  Sometimes, people surprise us, challenges overwhelm us, relationships go sour, toxicity and negative energies drain us and the list goes on.

When things go wrong in our lives, no matter how we strive for happiness, human nature at some point reminds us of our pains and hurts. And the effect of this is that the cloak of unhappiness beclouds our emotions. 


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Sometimes we get taken for granted in life by people we trust. However, no matter how much we like or love a person or something, we will eventually become tired when taken for granted and when things don’t happen as we envisaged.

No matter how much we love someone who hurts us, our strongest feeling is likely to erode with time when we are not treated rightly.

Therefore, we should know when to say enough is enough. We should know when to walk and leave an unpleasant environment. We should be wary of situations where we have to demean ourselves just because we want to please others. 

Once our happiness and peace of mind are threatened, we shouldn’t get entangled in a web of indecisiveness for the sake of our sanity.  


Peace and Love!

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