Easter Home-Made Foodies…!

These are some of the Easter foodies from our kitchen this Easter holiday. The season was a period to enjoy good culinary home-made treats.

Some of these foods here were prepared to entertain guests as well as for the church Easter lunch, where everyone is encouraged to bring a portion of their traditional dishes to share with other church members.



meat-pie-2 (2)



meat pie 3 (2)


meat pie 5 (2)
*Nigerian Jollof Rice*



meat pie 4 (2)
*Fried Rice*



meat pie 7 (2)
*Tomato Stew*


meat pie 2 (2)
*Home-made Pizza*


meat pie 6 (2)
*Cup Cakes*



meat pie 8 (2)
*Home-made Shawarma Wraps*


We had a wide variety of assorted multi-national cuisines. It was an awesome Easter feast. Everyone brought bits and pieces of different home-made delicacy.

The whole church atmosphere was funfilled. We enjoyed ourselves eating, drinking, dancing and sharing laughter, jokes, and love together.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



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