The 100th Day Of 2018…!

Welcome to the 100th day of 2018. Today is April 10th and we have 265 days left for this year to take the backstage. We should be grateful to God for bringing us thus far. But let me ask you a question? What have you been doing since this year began?

Most of us know that the origin of the first 100 days in office which gained prominence from the United States actually started in France many years ago. This tradition has since become a political discourse in world affairs. We are aware how most Politicians promise to perform some good magic within the first 100 days of office. And we also know that to promise the citizens change and heavenly bliss is one thing, while performance and living up to the expectations is another. However, the first three months or hundred days in office have become so important that they form part of the politician’s manifesto during their election campaigns.

Moving away from the political impact of the 100 days in office, let’s bring it closer to our personal lives. Let’s reflect on our individual lives using this benchmark. The first quarter of the year has just ended, right? Let’s assess our performances and how far we’ve fared regarding our goals and aspirations for 2018.

It’s undeniable that some people have reaped rich dividend already in the first quarter while some others are still groping in the dark. The purpose of this post is not to judge any individual of their capabilities. But, with regards to the first hundred days in the office tradition, let’s believe we’ve been voted into power this year by God and we are supposed to be working on our visions for the year.

Evidently, today, let’s look inward and analyse ourselves and ponder on what we’ve been up to since January. What has occupied our time since the beginning of this year?

At the turn of any New Year, majority indulge in what I term an extravagant exaggeration. We plan big and dole out gigantic expectations for the year. We make resolutions that become blatant lies. Such personal hyperboles of our goals and plans obviously become mere wishful thinking when after the first quarter; we are still not even close to striking a chord with any appreciable triumph.

Nonetheless, I am not here to judge any one of these early accomplishments because the year is still unfolding and we could excuse ourselves if we’ve made some early mistakes in mapping out good strategies for our goals. It’s a fact that not everyone warms up to early success just as we all wake up differently in the mornings. While some are early risers, others are not. While some go to bed early, some others are late sleepers.

I will not conclude with your overall output for the year based on your performance in these 100 days. Even if you have not recorded any substantial breakthrough, I want to emphasize that you are not doomed, so don’t cry yourself to stupor yet because your peers or friends are already smashing good records. No, there is actually nothing wrong with you.

I’d ask that you appraise yourself of your goals. Begin now to give yourself feedback on your vision. And if you feel bitter about your non-activity or poor records, then it’s time to make new projections and seek ways to make them successful. There are still 265 days before the year takes a bow. Therefore, take significant steps to build up your personal credibility and assurances for later wins this year.

Perhaps you didn’t get the drift. All I am saying is that it’s not late to begin again if you’ve tried but failed in the last quarter. It’s not late to become serious about your goals.

Know what you want. Decide what you want. Go for what you want. And stop sitting on the fence.

Hopefully, by the end of the remaining 265 days of the year, you’d emerge victorious, clapping and jumping into the next year satisfied with your achievements. Better still, you could even sing the loudest hallelujah as you give a powerful testimony of your victory.

Finally, I wish you tremendous success and good luck with your ultimate goals for the next 265 days of the year.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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