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deer 3


deer 4


deer 2


Spring is the time for growth and change, in all shapes and forms.

And change isn’t always easy but if we endure the whole new process, we end up bursting into beautiful colours. Oh yes, metamorphosis isn’t always an easy process. And switching to a new habit or way is either for good or bad.

So, spring is a good change. It has brought us a beautiful sun glow all through the week and this weekend was awesome. Everyone was outdoors celebrating the return of the sunbathing season.

I wasn’t left out in the euphoria. I was out in the woods, and at the Park to take a breather and enjoy the super atmosphere.

Spring/summer is such a beautiful season and my photo of the day are from the Deer Park that I visited yesterday.  The blooms are late in coming this year, well, not like the previous year when the cherry blossoms had spout up everywhere at this time.


Peace and Love!

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