The Daily Prompt – Partake!

I applaud the utterly fantastic writing initiative by WordPress.

The Daily Prompt as it is called is a vigorous exercise that improves one’s writing skills. It is no doubt an immense tool, especially for the newbie blogger who seek inspiration.  It’s such a great way to learn and get better with the craft of writing and the art of communication as you engage with other writers. Interacting with other bloggers is a way to attract followership and foster good relationships.

Being a blogger on this platform gives me the opportunity to partake in such a great movement. A topic is provided daily for writers to creatively play around with. And this exercise fuels creativity and ingenuity.

It is awesome to have a community pool for a plethora of incredible ideas. It’s inspirational as it is thrilling. It feels like Christmas every day as you leverage on the enormous information churned out daily by writers.

Talk about different strokes for different folks. Indeed, there is simply no right way of tackling the prompts whether it is the one-word prompt or photography theme. Versatility and flexibility are the watchwords.

It’s rewarding to partake in such a great movement that fuels motivation and creativity.


In response to The Daily Prompt – Partake.


Peace and Love!

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14 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Partake!

  1. This is a powerful blog post as it speaks to the two main issues of blogging, learning to write daily and a platform providing assistance with the craft of writing. When my friends ask about blogging, I know if they are serious when they applaud the WordPress format or I never hear from them again.

    Again, excellent blog post, Giggles, and Tales.

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    1. I’m so glad to read this delightful comment.

      I’ve always seen WordPress Community as a very useful platform for learning if one is desirous to learn new skills in the art of writing. I’ve gained immensely from this collective pool of breathtaking ideas.

      Many thanks for sharing your opinions. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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  2. I write about the universe, our thoughts, a higher force, on love, on intimacy, nature, and everything that inspires me. Please check out my blog and leave some feedback! 🙂 Thank you.


  3. Hi,thanks I really needed this because I didn’t know what I should start blogging about. Please help my by commenting on my posts so I can become better.


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