The Daily Prompt – Vague!

It was a fatal accident and Peter suffered a severe brain injury. He could vaguely remember seeing a car coming towards him that Thursday evening.

He tried to narrate the ugly incidence to those around him, after three days, when he finally came out of a coma in the hospital. But, alas, his family were hit with his decline in memory.

Now he finds it difficult to remember anything hard as he tries. He vaguely remembers his childhood. But the worse impact of this injury is that he has a vague memory of his wife and children.

It’s such a sad situation to be in this condition.


In response to The Daily Prompt – Vague.


Peace and Love!

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5 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Vague!

  1. I am sad to hear about this terrible injury. How long ago was it?
    Memory can take time to reconnect but it is a good sign that he does remember even
    if vaguely. Hope he gets help to improve as it is hard to live in no man’s land.


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