Photo Of The Day!


*The Cruise Ship in Copenhagen*




ship 2
*The frontal view of the Cruise ship*



My Photo Of The Day – The elegant cruise ship from Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway.

If you want to explore more in your travel adventures, an alternative option to flying might be in taking a cruise ship to your destination.  Consider the lovely time you’d spent at sea, enjoying the cool breeze from the curvy waters. I tell you taking a cruise is interesting and offers the opportunity to view beautiful sceneries and seascapes.

Cruising from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Oslo, Norway gives you the opportunity to experience Scandinavia by sea. The cruise route is always fun and relaxing.  It offers an economical alternative to flying by air.

So you may want to consider the cruising experience on your next travel as you explore the world.

Both photos were captured last Friday in the historic beautiful city of Copenhagen.


Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day!

  1. I tried it last September… But the ship from Oslo to Frederikshavn!

    A great alternative, and really not that expensive… It is super funny to check people stock up on tax free liquor! LOL

    Oh! Oh! Oh! And I get to brag about sailing on the Kattegat sea! 🙂

    Muuah! Gorgeous 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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