It’s Summertime!

Glowing, shining, blazing

the scintillating sun fills the sky

and pours its brilliant balls of fire upon the earth

scorching, warm, crazily warm!

the beat of the sun on my skin burns mildly

the gentle heat and the beads of sweat on my forehead

reminds me that it’s summertime



Peace and Love!

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My Sunday Sermon!


“I am sorry”

“kindly forgive me”

This is not just a statement but a powerful spiritual release.

Watch how it makes you feel when it is tendered sincerely.

Watch how it changes a bad mood.

Watch how these words stop a chaotic situation from escalating.

Watch your society and notice what happens whenever it is sincerely released.

“I am sorry” softens the heart more than any other thing you can think of when honestly and soberly expressed.

These words have a calming effect. It quenches raging flames. Hot anger calms down like watered fire, bitterness takes the exit way, the mind receives fresh freedom.  And in relationships and among couples, the love rises again to a level so sweet when these words are tendered sincerely.

Never hesitate to use them as often as you should but be aware that it must be an honest and sincere release, from your heart.

It does heal and removes barriers and it does usher in peace again to the parties concerned.

It is wise to own up when one is wrong. It’s wise to apologize and make up for it ON TIME.  This keeps one in control to regain trust especially when you are genuinely sorry.

Stay on the side of peace!

Stay on the side of love.


Happy Sunday, Dear Friends.



Peace and Love!

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