Tuesday Photo Challenge – Promise!

Whoop, Whoop! Summer is here. Yes, summer comes with a lot of promises that will make one grin from ear to ear.




Talk about summertime and talk about longer days with glowing sunshine streaming down from the heavens. Talk about the early morning sunrise that brightens the whole surrounding long before you wake up.




Aaahhhh, summer is filled with promises of goodness tucked in the wonderful experiences like the satisfaction I derive in every bite of Water-melon.  I relish this tasty fruit in the summer.





I love this scintillating season. It’s awesome that most people gather together to celebrate the beauty of this season in a variety of ways. There is joy in finding a good relaxation spot outdoors.





summer 2


hamburg 3


Yeah, summer is the time to find some vacation getaways in that dreamland.  These and many more are the promises of summer time. 🙂

1531551_10205755577636422_236845848282580674_n (2).jpg



My entry for Tuesday Photo Challenge – Promise!


Frank – Dutch Goes The Photo


Peace and Love!

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