Good Morning World!




Breakfast is a daily routine and sometimes it’s hard to find time to truly enjoy it especially when we are in a rush to leave home in the mornings.


bread 4


Today is Sunday and for most people, the weekend is when they enjoy a good breakfast with the family.


bread 3


And this morning, I bring you some breastfast ideas to stir your thoughts and stimulate your appetite.


bread 6


Start your Sunday morning right with a good, sumptuous yummy breakfast.


bread 5


And here, I will be having some Danish bread with my usual cup of steaming warm tea.  


bread 2


Hope you will enjoy a healthy, crunchy, and delicious breakfast wherever you are.

It’s a Sunday Morning here in Denmark, and I’m wishing you all a wonderful day filled with awesomeness.  🙂



Peace and Love!

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