Beauty Lies Within Everyone…!

We all need people around us at some point in our lives. No man is an island and no man can exist in isolation. We can’t travel this journey on earth without the help of other people. We need the support from family members or friends. Despite the negative impressions and betrayal from people, we still need to identify those people who are worthy to share our lives with us.

The most important thing is to ensure you mingle with the right people who understand your personality and add value to your life. And ditto. 

Each and everyone we come in contact with is a gift. Did I hear you say how? Well, each and every friend is a gift. Everyone has got something to offer even if it is companionship at some point in our life’s journey. The logical thing to do is to find out what’s in a particular friend for you. One could be a counsellor, another, generous with everything, yet another cheer you up when you are down. Just find out the needful in each friend and forget every other deficit in a given person.

Really, everyone has got something special about them. People give of themselves in different ways. it doesn’t have to be money all the time. Some friends give their time and support you with their presence. Getting a vital info from someone could trigger off a whole new experience for you if you’d simply try to get to know the other person better.

Oh yes, I am of the opinion that God appears in disguise through people. And those who choose to give everyone they encounter the benefit of the doubt don’t miss out what’s theirs because people come to either take or give. All you need do is to be sensitive to receive them with the intention to add value to their existence in life. And move on if need be and when the occasion demands.

Don’t judge people by their facial appearance or with some of their weaknesses. For instance, acceptance does not mean approval. Everyone is unique. That your friend is stingy does not mean you approve of it but he or she might be good in other endeavours.

There is beauty in everyone. Pick interest in a stranger and find out more from that person. You’d be amazed the kind of information you’d get from a stranger. Watch out, the person you always overlook might be the custodian of the valid information you need to catapult your success.  You will discover a whole new world you never knew existed when you learn to listen to others tell their stories. You are likely to acquire a new knowledge about the world.

There is a lot yet to be discovered in life. No one has the monopoly of knowledge. Dare to like people. And discover something new about them.

Have a fantastic, amazing, and productive week.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Beauty Lies Within Everyone…!

  1. Beautiful post with a very valid message. How true that we should take the time
    and find out what we can share with everyone we know. Judging quickly is a big
    problem and can make us so much poorer.
    Thank you

    ~ miriam

    Liked by 2 people

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