It’s Official – Russia 2018!









And the World Cup, Russia 2018 kicks off…

In this particular game, “I’m for everybody and not for nobody”.  I will watch the match only when I am free. I’m not too much of a football enthusiast. I lost the passion some years back. Haha.

What thrills me most is the opening and closing ceremonies and not even the actual game. Those two are my best parts of these International tournaments/activities.

Stay tuned to the Television.

It’s a WORLD Affair.

Football surely brings the world together. 


To all the football fans here, Enjoy the World Cup. 


PS: All photos were from my TV.


Peace and Love!

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11 thoughts on “It’s Official – Russia 2018!

      1. At his age others are moving to China or the USA to end their career he is still on top of his game. Being consistent for ten years is not a fluke.
        His incredible performance in yesterday’s match, I saw a man who made a forest.

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