Life Experiences…!

Everyday life is not always the same. Sometimes you wake up but don’t feel like smiling. Yes, I struggle with this. I struggle to find a reason to smile, but then I would rather smile. And I do. Sometimes, I struggle to find happiness in the simple things of life… but I do anyway. I like to look at the sky and the thrills in the sunlight. I struggle to appreciate the gifts of the rain, of the trees all around me. I struggle to appreciate even the water I drink. Yes, sometimes I struggle. But I do like these things. Got it?

Honestly, I like the simple things in life. I like to smile, to feel happy and appreciate the sun, the rain, the bad days too… yet I sometimes struggle to like them enough.
That makes me a regular person. I am not a superhero. No! I am not one and you are not either.

Life happens and regular people struggle often times to get things in their right perspectives. It is tough sometimes. Other times it is rosy and good. We should try to find the balance and make something positive out of our struggles.

As humans, we struggle over individual worries and problems. We let these worries eat us up and encroach on our inner peace. Hmmn, we don’t even know when we are wrapped up in this mood.
Well, enough of these small worries…

Perhaps, it is time we began to struggle with solving problems that are much bigger than ourselves. Time to look at the big picture. Time to accept differences. To accept compromises. Time to accept and respect others opinions and viewpoints. Time to focus on our happiness level. Time to love.

We need to stop struggling over small and insignificant problems. We need to stop worrying too much over very little things.

It’s time to widen our focus.

It is time to focus on building tolerance. Building love. Building respect.

Time to focus on appreciating life and embracing others.




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Peace and Love.

10 thoughts on “Life Experiences…!

  1. Beautiful. I think that a fair summary of life…
    I say time to make it simple, go with the flow, keep my peace if I am about to get disturbed, and just watch life unfold, don’t get upset by others and their ways. Practise gratitude and let go of pain daily. Spend time in silence and melt away worry and fear with, Action and Affirmation. Learn to be silent with I the Soul and the Divine. Let the divine melt away all the horrible sthff and all is well.. Well that my little motto for now. Have a lovely Friday and a good weekend.

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    1. And this will be a rewarding lifestyle that should bring peace to one’s soul. I’m learning to let go of worry knowing it yields no fruitful returns. 😍

      Thanks for this inspiring feedback. Have a joyful weekend. Xo

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  2. Stella, I appreciate your comments. If more of us choose to love and respect each other the world will be a better place. If more of us let go of the small things that divide us and focus on what is really important for the well being of all life on planet earth we will help to heal the world. Stella, I hope you are well and having an enjoyable weekend. Roland

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    1. Well said, Roland. Thank you so much. Indeed, the world will be a better place if we choose love for humanity. I am down with flu this weekend, ‘cos the week has been windy and cold.

      It’s always a delight to read from you and I hope you are good too. Take good care and stay blessed. Happy Weekend. 🙂


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