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These sad encountering moments we’ve experienced the past few days create a mixture of emotions within me. These unspeakable and despicable tragedies occur in different magnitudes. The bottom-line is that people lost their lives. The young, the old, and families are torn apart. Families are in acute pain, distraught and forlorn. No death is better than the other.

Respect and empathy for all are at my core. But indeed empathy is human nature, and we must show that to our fellow human beings. Express your empathy or sympathy and leave it at that because you can’t know how the bereaved are feeling. We can only imagine how they feel. Everyone claims to know and we routinely say, I know how you/they feel. No, you don’t know how I feel about the tragedies I’ve encountered. And you can’t claim to know how those who have lost their loved ones feel either.

Even when you lose your parents, siblings feel differently. Take the instance of two orphans from different parents, the fact is they don’t feel exactly the same way about losing their parents, because many things are involved here. Even the cases of spousal death too… One widow (er) feels, mourn differently from the next. Situations and circumstances of death pose a discerning factor here. Need I give instances?

You can comfort people but quit telling them that you know how they feel because you don’t truly know. Yeah, cases may be similar but they are entirely different. Every similar situation is still different in scenarios.

We can never claim that such deaths cannot befall us. Life happens. And shit happens. So let’s not judge anyone. And we can’t claim that we don’t see any angel, demon or evil daily. You know what? We all see these things. Yes, you are looking at the angel and the evil one too. You! Yes, YOU. Somehow, you are the angel or the evil one. Perhaps, you are likely to be both, either, or one. Humans are the ones perpetrating the evil in the world and the apparent good in the world too, remember!

Yes, we live in a world that is steeped in so much violence, evil and unfortunately, it’s going to get worse because the heart of man is cunningly wicked. And we are going to keep pouring out our emotions in varying degrees. But let’s not think that we can mourn more than the bereaved. We can only vent our anger and rant on social media and go ahead and devour a sumptuous meal afterwards. While the bereaved feel dejected in their homes. Or ain’t we going to watch the Nigerian match today? Ah ha.

I am left with a mind-numbing headache and a core-tearing heartache whenever I hear of such deaths and tragedies or faced with gory and violent videos on Facebook. I run out here and pour my frustrations and go about my daily tasks while the bereaved are deprived of sleep and left in agonising trauma. Yes, I empathize but cannot possibly claim to mourn more than the affected families.

So yet again, as I wrote yesterday, I hope our collective empathy and seemingly warm thoughts and glowing tribute can somehow diminish the hatred, the killings, and the vices in the world. Afterall, all these are perpetrated by human beings.

PS: This was my post on Facebook today. My personal opinions about the public outcry and varying reactions regarding the recent tragedies and death in Nigeria.  I wrote about these in my yesterday’s post.

Peace and Love!

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2 thoughts on “My Musings On Facebook…!

  1. Thanks for highlighting this killings in my country. It is really a sad situation here, especially in the northern part… The killings are getting too many and occuring too often. Citizens have been waiting on the government of the day to intervene.

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    1. Thanks, Victor for reading. Indeed, it’s sad that the killings are unending while the government is indifferent about it. My heart goes to the families affected by these tragedies. It’s a shame for this administration. 🙂


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