Good Morning World.


I know you woke up this morning, wondering what is happening to your world and why things are the way they are… no appreciable progress.

Everything seems uptight and it appears like the waves are against you. Everywhere you turn to, you find turbulence waving at you.

You feel physically and emotionally drained.

You have zero capacity to continue to withstand such unpleasant situations.

You have called to God praying and fasting but it seems that nothing is working out.

You are fed up and tired.

Here are some words to ginger up your day.

Stay hopeful. Don’t waver in your faith. It may take a little longer, but things will get better. Don’t keep whining and regretting and call a pity party… Stay woke. Life will surely get better if you don’t keep amplifying the situation.

We all get a fair share of these challenges. That doesn’t mean we will always have these challenges with us.

Be hopeful. Better days are ahead.

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy a blissful day, Dear Friends.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.








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