Tuesday Photo Challenge – Treat!


Tx 2
*Chicken Salad*



Tx 3
*Rice mixed with spinach and fresh fish tomatoes stew*



Tx 8
*Breakfast in IHOP, Dallas – Pancakes and eggs…*



Tx 2
*Salmon and… Can’t remember what it was I ordered again, LOL*



Tx 3
*Crispy chicken & spinach salad and fries*



Tx 4
*Starters before the main dish*



Tx 6
*Chicken salad*



*Special cake at Whiskey Cake, Dallas*



Tx 7


The above foodies are what I’ve been feeding my belly with since I arrived in Texas.

So, it’s been from one Treat to another, from one cafe to the other… And from Walmart to Macy’s and DSW.  Oh wow! It’s been an amazing treat.

And it’s been an interesting time with family and friends.

Aha! It wasn’t easy the first few nights but now, my brain is adjusting well to the time lag.

I hope to post more going forward.



My entry for Tuesday Photo Challenge – Treat.





Frank – Dutch Goes The Photo


Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Treat!

  1. Wow. You certainly know the right kinds of food photos to present to appreciative viewers. A delightful collection. Thank you for sharing. L)


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