My Morning Thoughts…!

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. – Denis Waitley

And a smile is free! Give it without holding back. It will brighten up a lonely heart or a heart that feels unloved. It will be a source of strength to someone who feels weak. It will surely brighten up a sad face.

A smile is contagious and will ignite a smile on the other person.

As you interact with people that cross your path daily, share a smile, a laughter or even a joke. Leave a happy trail behind you. In fact, compliment someone today. Tell them they look great. Tell them how happy you are that the sun is shining brightly. Yeah, say something with a smile.

I’m getting a lot of compliments from the friendly people of the United States. I think the Americans exhibit an inviting exterior and they are good at giving compliments. I love how they smile at you and say some niceties. Just yesterday at the Mall, I got loads of compliments from ‘strangers’… “You look great”, “I just love your hair”, “How are you doing today?” “Isn’t it lovely that the sun is shining today?” “I love your toes”… Oh wow! Bring it on, people!

I enjoy interacting with people but I think the Americans are damn too friendly and very outspoken, oh yes, they have a friendly demeanour. This act may look superficial but it leaves a sweet trail behind and I love to emulate good things. I really do love to give compliments too.

On the other news, I just woke up and these are my morning thoughts as I drink my ginger tea. My love for tea is forever. Well, as a heads up, when I visit you, don’t bother looking for any drink to serve me. A steaming cup of tea will just be fine, trust me. Haha.

Now let me think of the next place to visit this Friday as I begin to round up on my summer holiday. I’ve been out and about engaging myself with visits to the places that tickle my fancy.  Since I’m presently in the Washington DC area, the White House is my next stop.

Thank God it’s Friday.


Peace and Love!

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