The worst that can happen to a PERSON is not taking a decision. It’s a disaster for anyone.

Some people are tenacious about what they want while some are forever contemplating on what they want. There lies the difference in lifestyles. To make progress in life, indecisiveness has to be thrown out of the window. Continue reading “Indecision…!”

The Month Of August…!


When the summer sun is relentless

Blazing fiercely

Intoxicating everyone and everywhere

With her spicy heat wave

Ouch! The forest becomes a protective canopy

As we hide to protect our burning skins


When the humidity is overwhelming

When the sun is ruthless with its shine

When the heatwave becomes an irritating pain

When we peel off the last of our body smocks

When the countryside is bathed in brilliant sunlight

When the grass grows taller in the meadows

When the cows come out to graze in pastureland


When the summer sun beat against my foreheads, forming beads of sweat on my brow

When swimming becomes a saving grace

When children play hide and seek in the tall lawns

When picnics at the riverside becomes tantalizing

When chilly drinks, ice-creams and tasty fruits become a huge delight


When we all pose for the paparazzi

Smiling into the lenses

To capture the lingering memories we create

In beautiful collages of eccentric photography






Peace and Love!

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Photo Of The Day!


dating 25


My Photo Of The Day – For the love of water – the beaches and the sea become more attractive to me during the summer time.


Peace and Love!

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