Trust In A Relationship!

When trust is broken, love begins to wane. How true is this assertion?

What does trust exactly means in a relationship?

I’d like to define “Trust” as the firm belief in the integrity and character of a person.

Trust is a key component in building a healthy relationship with people. You think or believe they are reliable. You have confidence in them and you feel secure with them physically or emotionally.

Trust means a whole lot of things to people. However, to trust or not to trust a person is a personal choice.

A profound fact about relationships is that they strive on TRUST. Oh yes, trust is taken very seriously in any union. Trust is inherently a potent ingredient that boosts affection and love within the confines of sexual relationships. Couples who lack trust for one another fall out easily over minor squabbles.

There are instances where those who are haters of a relationship can spread poisonous unsubstantiated rumours just to foster seeds of discords in a relationship. And if one of the parties in a relationship does not fact check these rumours but rather believe the tales of the rumour mongers, such an attitude can break trust in a relationship. Thus destroy a relationship.

What happens is that the false story will create a lot of pressure on the people involved. One is likely to begin to defend and explain oneself every time and again to the other partner.  It is unhealthy to be in this precarious situation.

A relationship begins to lose its power the moment one party starts to defend any ghost stories that may have permeated into their space.  Hence, when trust is broken, the very foundation of love is removed.  Certainly, whatever is left will be shallow and shaky. It’s more like building a house without a foundation. More like cooking Jollof rice without salt. The food becomes tasteless even as the relationship becomes unpleasant.

Often times, when trust is broken, sorry loses its potency and means nothing anymore. No matter how much we love someone, our strongest feeling is likely to erode with time when there is a breach of trust.

Given the above scenarios, I’d emphatically say that when trust is broken, love begins to wane.


Fortify your relationships.


Possess a credible lifestyle.


Be someone that people can trust. 




Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Trust In A Relationship!

  1. Trust, honesty, loyalty are the basic necessity of any relationship n when if any of these 3 things are lost rest 2 follow simultaneously n that is a time to realize there nothing left in a relationship

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    1. However, the moment Trust is broken, forgiveness is unattainable. True forgiveness means that you do not refer to that “sin” committed… but sadly, this is not the case with humans.


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