Girls Are Making A Difference…!

Oh yes, Nigeria school girls win the Gold Medal in World Technovation Challenge in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, United States two days ago. About 115 countries participated in the qualifiers but only 12 teams from all over the world were selected as finalists for the pitch in Silicon Valley.


*The Brilliant Nigerian Girls in smiles*


I, therefore, wish to congratulate these five young Nigerian girls whose F-D detector mobile application invention that could be used in detecting fake drugs, won the gold medal. This is a competition that featured all the world’s powerful technological giants such as the United States, Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan and China and they clinched the gold medal.

To have come from a school in Anambra State, Nigeria, West Africa, and were picked among the 12 best from the many countries of the world that entered the competition, and still won the only gold medal among the 12 best, is the greatest news of the century. And a hope for Africa and Nigeria if we empower the girl child and take their education very seriously.

In the midst of rotten and depressing news emanating from every facet in Nigeria, at least the seismic achievement of these five girls is something to cheer for and celebrate. There should be a balance as we relay news concerning the African continent and in particular the country, Nigeria.

Contrary to the popular opinions and beliefs, there are glad tidings and success stories happening on a daily basis in Nigeria by Nigerians. Those inspiring positive deeds deserve some accolades and wide-spread projections too.

Once again, I appreciate these brilliant young girls who have put Nigeria and Africa on the global technological map with their rare talent.

“Technovation is a programme that offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the programming skills they need to emerge as tech-entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year, girls are invited to identify a problem in their communities, and then challenge them to solve them by developing Andriod applications that would address those problems”.


You can read more about this on the internet. 



Peace and Love!

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  1. This is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing so happy for them, when we are given the proper tools and conditions we can all beautifully shine! Thank you for visiting!

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