Dear Girl Child – 2

Speak Out.

Your Voice Must Be Heard. 

Any attempt to relegate you to the background will not be acceptable.  Any attempt to limit you from marching forward will not be tolerated. Enough of the stereotyped prison that has caged you for too long. Enough of the restrictive mould that has hindered your progress. Enough of the cultural and traditional norms that erode your self-esteem. Enough of the sexual harassments and violence and rape that you’ve been subjected to. Enough of the taboos that trail your womanhood.  Enough of the abuse on your person. You’ve been slapped many times. Beaten uncountable times. Manipulated several times. Dehumanised again and again.

Any attempt to silence your voice from being heard will be opposed. You’ve been on the back burner for too long.

And you’ve taken it all because you are a Woman.

No. Not anymore. Enough is enough. 

Speak Out.

Your Voice Must Be Heard. 

You are unique. You’ve got potentials. You can achieve greatness in life. You are intelligent. You are filled with the milk of love and compassion. You have a heart of gold. Your spirit of humanness is equal to none.  You must be given a chance to fulfill your purpose in life.

Because YOU can become whatever you desire and choose to be.

Therefore, I urge you, Dear Woman, to stand up for your rights. Stand up and face the challenges before you. Stand up and hold onto the opportunities before you. Stand up to the variety of choices before you. Stand up to the call to promote your uniqueness and showcase your talents and gifts to the world. Stand up for your rights. Stand up and rule your world.

Stand up.  And. Stand. Tall. 

You matter in the scheme of things. You are a champion so never give up on yourself. NEVER. You’ve got the powers to become that HERO. You’ve got the powers to rule the world. Look within you and see greatness.

You’ve got the Powers!

Put up that spectacular performance and dazzle the world with your visions. Let the world see your creativity and innovations. Go into the world and reach that enviable height.

Go, etch your name in the distinguished book of winners.

For you are born to be an achiever.

Born to win.

Born to rule.





PS: This is another post on the series of write-up on the Girl Child. You can read my previous posts Here and Here.


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



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