Wordless Wednesday!

It’s mid-week! Yeah, it’s another Wednesday when pictures speak for themselves. Does this picture speak to you?






Peace and Love!

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday!

      1. I figured it was bride’s shoe… And it reminded me of my wedding preparations about 20 years ago… Looking for the perfect gown, the perfect shoes, feeling a bit like a princess. I am not really girly, but I must say it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my back then fiancé called the wedding off a couple of months before the scheduled date…

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      2. Awww… So sorry to hear about the called off wedding. That breaks my heart as I’ve had almost a similar fate too. But hey, life goes on in-spite of the daunting oddities.

        Yes, the shoe belongs to a dear friend who just wedded in June. And I thought to use it today. But didn’t think it will bring back some (sad) memories. Thanks always, for reaching out. I appreciate you more than you know it. Xoxo

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      3. No worries about my feelings… As I mentioned, that was about 20 years ago, and I am completely over it now. These are note really “bad” memories anymore… just another step of my life 🙂

        Weekend almost here… I hope you’ll have a lovely one 🙂 xx

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