The Full Moon!

It is amazing to look through my window at night just for the sole purpose of looking to the sky to watch the moon. I’ve been on this mode since the moon first appeared like a newborn. I decided to follow its sequence of transformation until it became full.

Wow! It blossomed into a full moon these past few days and it’s been a spectacular sight.  Actually for the first time, I decided to carry out this interesting observation.  Staring at the full moon last night was fun. Indeed, it inspires wonder and gratitude.


moon (2)
*This is an old picture of the full moon that I’ve posted here before*


It shows me that life’s journey is a gradual process. It takes off slowly and gathers momentum as it progresses. The new moon passes through some tidal phases until it becomes a full moon. The visibility of the moon increases at the different phases and stages.  And her light strengthens and brightens in full blast when it becomes full.

I feel that this week has started on a wonderful note. No, I didn’t win any lottery. But I feel so loved by God. I feel that the only thing stopping me from soaring is my own very self and the doubts and limitations I create around me. Fact is that the tidal waves are so ubiquitous. They are everywhere in the universe and humans can’t shield themselves from it. But understanding these tidal processes is always important. That way, we will not be too hard on ourselves but rather understand that the challenges will come and they will phase out too.

If we understand life from this lay perspective, I think we could soar higher. Life brings us intriguing chapters too and I couldn’t be more grateful for those periods. There is a satisfaction in knowing that when you put in your best foot forward, when you do your very best, it is almost certain that you will bask in the euphoria of success, eventually.

So, regardless of the potholes, in spite of the mishaps along the way of life, let us remain undaunted. Rather, let’s give our best and put in our utmost energies and everything humanly possible towards achieving our purpose. Let’s refuse to quit the process before its full bloom.

Remember the new moon and the phases it undergoes before emerging in its fullness. Success takes some time to mature. And we must nurture the process before we can reap the proceeds.

I am hopeful that you will soar higher.

I am hopeful that the rest of my week will be as splendid as today. And hope so for you too.

I am hopeful that you will experience your full moon in due course.


Have a blessed day. 



Peace and Love!

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8 thoughts on “The Full Moon!

    1. Oh wow! I was captivated every night just watching…. I did that for the first time and it was amazing. Thanks for your comment and welcome on-board. I hope you will find this blog interesting. Blessings. 🙂

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