Good Morning World.

Sometimes you begin to wonder if the people you surround yourself with still love you. You ask yourself why they no longer communicate like they used to. And you begin to imagine all kinds of reasons why they appear to have changed.

Often times, it’s not that these people don’t love you. No. The reason is likely to be far from that. Sometimes people are drowning in different challenges. Languishing in different traumatic situations. Going through relationships issues et al.

Some are saddled with the responsibility of raising a family; some are trying to adjust to a new life after their wedding. While some are settling into new locations and need some time to feel comfortable enough to resume interactions with their friends. Some are trying to run a new business and getting all their attention to it.

The point is that most people have a lot on their plate already that they hardly even have time for themselves. They would love to visit you, call you on the phone but the problem is that they barely have time for themselves. That friend is probably so exhausted.

What to do?

Don’t be those people who keep whining about this. Don’t be that friend that gets silently mad at others because they are no longer keeping in touch. See how you can be of help instead if you’ve got more time on your hands. Call them and find out how they are doing instead of silently complaining.

Pray for them if you can because some are passing through debilitating situations that need spiritual intervention.  Just try to understand that humans go through a lot. So be patient with your friends. Don’t put pressure on them. Help to ease their burden and don’t try to add to their pain by being judgmental. You’d be shocked by the stories of their personal struggles you’d be glad you reached out.

May we walk with understanding and still show love to others even when they seem not to care anymore?



Peace and Love!

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4 thoughts on “Good Morning World.

  1. So true!! You never know what struggles other people have that may prevent them from making contact with you. Also, I can relate that I want to connect with others. but my plate is full or I’m too shy. Better safe not to assume but better to love and have empathy for one another.
    Thanks for a great reminder to start the week!


  2. This is so on point. Sometimes we as people get bogged down with our own issues that we fail to see when our friends or family is hurting. We have to be aware that we aren’t the only ones going through when we go through. Thank you for sharing.


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