Good Morning Giggles!

I found this assertion interesting. Something to ponder on…..!!!!

“. . . God is too busy making the sun come up and go down and watching so the moon floats just right in the sky to be concerned with colour. . . only man wants always that God should be there to condemn this one and save that one. Always it is man who wants to make heaven and hell. God is too busy training the bees to make honey and every morning opening up all the new flowers for business.”  ― Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One


My Submission:

I want to think that humans make too much noise in life. Humans are too ignorant and busy with irrelevant issues. Man is busy prying excessively into other peoples affairs. Man is busy creating boundaries, dichotomies, laying destructive structures, being too judgemental, poking their nose into someone else’s cup of tea et al.

Do you think God should be bothered about some of the trivialities we engage in?  We need to create a quiet time with our Maker and listen to Him.

This I think, should be food for thought.




Peace and Love!

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