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My Photo Of The Day –  Flowers help us do the talking in moments when we wish to express our emotions. They run errands for us. They help us express our love to our friends and families in special moments and occasions.

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Nothing beats the sight of a lovely colourful flower. Anyday, Anytime… They induce warmth. 🙂 🙂



Peace and Love!

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7 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day!

  1. Love the flowers, love the quote from Maharishi. Have you visited Fairfield, IA, the home of Maharishi University of Management? That’s where I live and it is a very happy place: flowers and people like you, who radiate happiness.

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    1. Wow! Interesting. No, I haven’t visited. But now, it looks like a place I would love to visit. Didn’t even know about the University… Thanks for sharing this info and I appreciate the kind word. Have an amazing Tuesday. 🙂

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