A Poem Written For Me…!

This poem was written on my birthday (September 9) by one of my Facebook friends. I decided to post it here today. 🙂


Stroll through her timeline
You are sure there to find 
accolades that blow the mind 
For lots and lots have been said 
That it seems needless to say mine
But No, this day has the Lord made
And I’m so rejoicing along with her
For having travelled down thus far.

Permit me to tell you 
Just the little that I know 
She’s like the cloud so blue 
Yet she most radiantly glows
With great virtues; White as snow 
OK, Now, let me give you just a clue.
Her smile is like the Egyptian Nile
That overflows its bank and flows 
Wide across the vast barren lands
The chilling perched tongue of sands
By its shores, leaving behind 
Twinkles of tantalizing afterglow.
OK, yeah! As for her favorite dish?
It’s gotta be garnished with dried fish
Well, maybe that sounds outlandish 
But, the truth is… She’s food-wise selfish
I mean, she won’t surrender easily 
what’s hers. The food? Her goals!
She goes after them, not clumsily
But ferociously, to its very souls.
Wait, did I succeed in confusing you
Well, I’m also confused myself
Gotta find my lost self in my shelf. 🙂 
OK, one last thing for ya
She’s tattooed with cute dimples 
And stands tall like the Himalaya 
When embargoes grow, she tramples 
On them with the feet of confidence
Yeah, she’s that complicatedly simple
Yet moves with ethereal resplendence
What you read is her clean sample.
Hooray!!! It’s her birthday… 
Let’s give it up for her! 
Happy birthday to you and Congratulations.
Wishing you more dried fish in your Afang soup. Cheers!

Written by Alfred Joseph Poetforchrist



PS: On Facebook, I’ve always written about my love and craving for dried fish in Jollof rice and soups. He obviously picked on that for humour effects. Lol.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

16 thoughts on “A Poem Written For Me…!

  1. It is nice to receive this unique gift.
    Also, I would like to wish you (belated) very happy birthday! I am sure you had lots of fun on THE DAY. 🙂 Keep on doing beautiful writing, photography….wish you a wonderful year ahead! 🙂


    1. Haha. I actually looked up the word non-pareil and now I know the meaning. Lol.

      Tall? Not exactly. I’m average height. And you’re right, I’d say too that I am a careful sharer and quite meticulous. And same goes with food. 🙂 😎🤣😊

      You said well. Thank you very much. I hope your weekend is good. Blessings. 🙏🏽

      Liked by 1 person

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