Monday Musings!


This morning a friend sent me a text message about her mood. I looked at my phone for a moment and the rest is what you’d read below.

She wrote:

“Hi Stella, I don’t know how I feel. I’m Not Happy, I’m Not Sad but I feel very Empty. I mean very empty.”

My Response:

“It’s not a strange thing. It happens. Sometimes, we experience that moment of passiveness and neutrality depending on what life is throwing at us at any given time.  We feel very empty. And I think it’s normal if it doesn’t extend for a long period. All you need do is to shift your emotions and mindset.

Well,  Louise (Not real name), May the Lord clothe you with a garment of praise and fill you with gladness as you cast off the spirit of emptiness.  Do the anointed things like listening to good gospel songs or inspirational messages or anything that will keep you up and bubbling again.

Also, look around you, go out in the sun and see the beauties in nature. Find a reason to smile, think about some happy moments, perhaps, read something hilarious, and snap out of that mood. I’d give you a call later in the day to know how you feel. Take good care. I’m sending you positive energy and good cheer.

I called her later and said she hasn’t reached that height yet but hopefully before the end of the day, she will.

What do you think? How would you react to such a text message?

Kindly advise such a person if you were in my shoes. This will give me an idea in case of another time.

Thank you.



Peace and Love!

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11 thoughts on “Monday Musings!

  1. I’ve had these days too, Stella. What I do when I’m feeling like your friend is to shift my focus. She can take a walk, listen to some music…do some kind of activity that will make her stop thinking about the way she feels.

    Sometimes I think about something that made me laugh and when I can’t remember anything, I really have to laugh.

    Anyhow, you gave her some solid solutions so I hope by the end of the day she sends you another text message saying she is feeling great!

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  2. Your advice is sound, great job. I may have sent her a couple of actual short Scriptures written out for the Word both heals and frees. I would encourage her to go help someone in need, visit someone in hospital, help at homeless shelter… move focus from self, it always fills the soul with delight.

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  3. I’ve been on both sides of this. I would approach my friend the same way you did, with a prayer. Sometimes what we think is emptiness is actually God isolating us to move us to another level in Him. It’s for our protection and preservation so it’s not always bad.

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  4. I often feel this but I know the reason why. If you have time, meet her and if you are very close, try to find out what brought on this mood. Perhaps airing it out will help her. Even though she feels empty( as she says), she is actually full of emotions but her mind has probably conditioned her to not react. Reacting takes energy and she doesn’t have any to spare.

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    1. Ah, this comment nailed it. Yes, she opened up. She has faced multiple relationship failures in the past. And just few days ago her relationship was at the verge of another collapse. She was engaged to be married… A quarrel led to a rift with her man and this is threatening the union. So she went blank.

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  5. Suffering from depression I have had my share of empty days. They aren’t always so simple as to “change your mindset”. But focusing on something you enjoy is good – walking in nature, listening to music, reading, crafting, writing. Sometimes just knowing that someone else is there for you can help. Taking the time to listen to or even just sit with in the quiet can help. I am glad to see she opened up to you in the end. Talking it out can be hard sometimes but often what is needed.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your perspectives on this matter. It’s really not that easy to tell someone to snap out of such moody demeanour. And like you said, just knowing you can talk to someone who will say soothing words is good enough.

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