Random Act Of Kindness…!

Humans often times take for granted just how powerful a simple act of kindness can be and the far-reaching effect it can have.

Money is not everything. And we don’t need to see giving as always parting with money or cash. No.

We can be wealthy with little or no money from simple gestures.

I learned this from my interactions with strangers and with people around me. And I’ve always been an advocate of extending little acts of kindness to strangers.

These acts of kindness could be by mere saying hello with a smile. It could be by purchasing a coffee for a stranger in the queue after you in a coffee shop or by helping someone in a way that you do not require gratification afterward.

The logic behind this is that if people were to become more considerate and affectionate towards others in their daily interactions, this would create a rippling effect that can completely change the mindset of a person who perhaps, has never been a recipient of any good deed.

Everyone is carrying a story. Some people can become bitter, sad and depressed because they have never experienced kindness from anyone.

Here, I’m not talking about using money to make someone smile.

I am talking about paying simple compliments to others in varied ways.

It’s about being conscious of small acts of kindness that can truly change the world.

Are you living this kind of life where you do random acts that affect people positively?

Did you do anything distinct today for someone?

You may want to share your experiences with us.


Thank you. 🙂



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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