Random Act Of Kindness – 3.


So,  I try as much as possible to live the kind of life I preach with my blogs. No human is perfect and we are all flawed. But one can choose to live an intentional life and have a deliberate lifestyle. I made up my mind a long time ago to be that person who will affect humanity positively. And I’ve been living by this example. I’ve been engaging the world and changing lives with my random acts of kindness.

Nothing is too small to give to the other person… And like I wrote yesterday, it could be a simple “hello” or a sweet “smile”.

So, yesterday, after I wrote my blog, I tried to do something to affect a stranger. What did I do?

Can you take a good guess? Well, I’d help you out. Haha.

It’s so amazing and satisfying how paying for a strangers coffee can make you feel.

I reached out to her and I know I left her in a better mood than she was when she walked into the cafe. I saw her demeanour and had an impulse that this one lady sitting alone looking very serious could do with a friendly smile.

I acknowledged her presence and thus began a brief conversation. And it so happened that she could do with someone’s presence at that particular time, someone she could unburden her heart to. She went ahead to discuss a few of her struggles and how she needed to make changes in her life. She felt like everyone was always out for themselves, from her children to some of her friends.

She told me she didn’t feel valued. She didn’t get as much love as she gave. And she felt somehow bad about the situation. Thus, she wanted to start going to the gym, eating healthier, spending time doing her stuff instead of always running after everyone’s call.

Wow! Just a little hello brightened someone’s day. And I ended up paying for our coffee. Just how incredible a total stranger can open up. She smiled, thanked me and I know that she felt better by offloading her feelings.

I told her to continue to be nice as well as engaging in the other things that will make her better and more fulfilled.

I was glad that I left her at the table with a smile of confidence. I had the choice of just walking past her as I would normally do, often times. But I gave a smile and coffee. 🙂

So, let’s keep our eyes open as we hustle daily. Let’s keep our eyes open for those people who may need just a sweet smile or a simple hello to brighten their day.


Perhaps, you too can buy a stranger coffee or tea or whatever you can give. 

Speak Love. Show Love. And There Will Be Peace In The World.


It’s International Day Of Peace!


Wishing you a great start to the weekend. 



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.



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