Silence Echoes Loud…!


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Sometimes, we realize that the person (s) we’ve been talking to no longer listen or hear us. You’ve said too much and it’s not yielding any positive result. In the case of toxic relationships, you are tired already to speaking to deaf ears. You have fought and wish to fight no more.

What do you do next?

Keep your quiet.

Silence. Yes, silence echoes loud.

So, I think this is exactly what silence means when we’ve expressed and presented ourselves as best as we know. And there’s no more time for fighting with anyone over anything.

The one thing you should never sacrifice for any reason is your dignity, it speaks volumes about who you are.

Make silence your new mantra if you’ve said more than enough, yet, nothing changed. 

And one more thing, silence is not a weakness. No. It’s simply a way to fight for your freedom, your right,  or to seek revenge or the beginning of a peace settlement depending on the situation.



Peace and Love!

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