Good Morning World!


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From experience, platonic love is wonderful when you are surrounded by family and friends who make your life worth living by the care and affection they shower on you. I am happy that I have this kind of people in my life who wish me well and whose presence, prayers and goodwill have made my life better and brighter. Their love has been timely and truly life-saving.

On my part, I strive to care and show love to my friends as much as I can. I give and give just so to put a smile on their faces even when I have little strength in me. By giving, I don’t imply financial giftings. I do this even when some don’t show any appreciations but I’m happy to still show them, love.


And I’m grateful for the gift of friends that love me too.


I wish you all my blogger friends, a loving and healthy October. 



Peace and Love!

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