Happy Independence, Nigeria!




I believe in a better Nigeria

where national interest will supersede personal interest

where corruption the bane of the society 

which is evidently incompatible with the idea of  good Governance

will be jettisoned with enthroned selfless cravings


I believe in a better Nigeria

where the dignity of men will be restored as they stand for  justice

where the gains of evil thoughts will cease to breathe

where drastic change is the only effective vehicle

that will flush out the festered decadence in the polity

and the insatiable gluttony that pervades the leadership


I believe in a better Nigeria

where the people traverse in a sequence of lean hope

lost, constantly lost as they are stuck in a loop 

trying to figure out how to wrest control from the despots

embroiled neck deep in a vicious power trap


I believe in a better Nigeria

Though it may take a little longer

to achieve the bulk of true democracy

This generation will continue to strive

To vote in enlightened and dedicated patriots

who will substitute the old norm of divisiveness

with a new conscience

and establish an amicable modus vivendi 

that instills justice, peace, trust, and confidence in the human mind


I believe that this African country 


will rise up

to truly be the giant

of Africa




Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simple Dimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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